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For 115 years, Center for Transforming Lives has been walking alongside Tarrant County women and their children as they move from poverty to prosperity. 

 Each year, hundreds of mothers and their children experience homelessness. This starts a dangerous cycle of povery and trauma that affects both family and the community. Center for Transforming Lives believes in disrupting that cycle and is proud to have done so for many years.

CTL’s work starts by understanding the cycle of poverty.

Did you know that 7,000 children under the age of 6 experience homelessness in Tarrant County? Each year, they make up 52% of low-income 5-year-olds who enter kindergarten unprepared. These children fall further and further behind, becoming three times more likely to drop out of high school. These children and their families are at the center of the cycle of poverty that we work to disrupt.

Recognizing the limit on living wage jobs and the continuous loop this creates, Center for Transforming Lives embraces a two-generation approach to disrupt the cycle of poverty. Working with mothers and their children, we provide families with tools to build generational wealth and manage emotional trauma.

Our Services



  • Providing safe, stable housing for those with immediate and long-term needs
  • Emergency shelters, transitional housing, Rapid Rehousing (RRH), and rental assistance

Economic Mobility

  • Creating a stable financial base for financial independence
  • Financial coaching, savings and credit improvement, career readiness coaching, micro business development, and other services that prepare participants for professional opportunities 

Early childhood education

  • Preparing young children for kindergarten and beyond
  • High-quality, little-to-no cost childcare options that engage children and aid in their development

Clinical counseling

  • Using a trauma-informed approach to promote emotional wellbeing 
  • Licensed counselors provide one on one, family, and group services

Interested in becoming a life transformer?

Our community has played a major role in CTL’s success. If you’re interested in partnering with us and providing transformational tools to a family in our program, please donate through the form below.

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