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THE facts


Poverty is the most pressing societal issue of our day, and it can be inherited, leaving women and children particularly vulnerable. In Tarrant County, more than 92,000 women and children live in poverty. Often, they are a single financial crisis away from spiraling into homelessness.

Unfortunately, more than 15,000 children and their parents – primarily single mothers –will experience homelessness in Tarrant County this year.

Stagnant wages and rising housing costs further compound the problem. 34% of single mothers with children under age 5 in Tarrant County are experiencing poverty.

Size Limits

Our community impact has been constrained by the current,1920s-era facility in downtown Fort Worth.

  • Our Early Childhood Development Center and Economic Mobility programs have far outgrown available space.
  • Accessing our downtown headquarters can be challenging for our clients due to transportation barriers.
  • The building has only 35 office spaces while our staff has grown to more than 165 employees.
  • The maintenance costs of our historic facility have reached nearly $2 million in 10 years.

It is time for Center for Transforming Lives to move on from its existing building and into a new home that will allow our programs to grow – and more Tarrant County families to thrive.


To address the growing need for our services, we are relocating to a new, larger and more accessible location on South Riverside Drive. This new location includes a 1950s-era, all-concrete building that will be completely renovated. Renovations will include the creation of an interior landscaped meditation garden, introducing nature and light into the building. The new location will include:

  • Early Childhood Education Center
  • Economic Mobility Programming Area
  • Housing Connections Center
  • Counseling Center with play Therapy Spaces
  • Administration Offices
  • Donation and Distribution Center
  • Drop-in Childcare



The Riverside Campus in southeast Fort Worth is ideally situated in 76119, where the median household income is $39,129. Center for Transforming Lives will be positioned at the crossroads of East Berry Street and South Riverside Drive near the Morningside and Glen Crest neighborhoods. The Riverside Campus is also located next to a bus stop and four-line bus transfer station, making the campus far more accessible for clients experiencing transportation barriers. Poised for growth, the surrounding community is undergoing revitalization. By repurposing an abandoned facility, the new Center for Transforming Lives campus will provide a further catalyst for economic improvement in the area.


Situated on approximately 14 acres of land, the new Center for Transforming Lives campus will be graded and landscaped into an urban park setting. The landscape design will allow children, parents, clients and staff to enjoy the outdoors and reap mental and physical health benefits. The landscape will also allow teachers to deliver lessons outdoors, encouraging children to connect with nature, utilizing all five senses and improving physical fitness.


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