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COVID-19 significantly challenges children and families

Center for Transforming Lives has developed a strong collaborative partnership with UNT’s Health Science Center during recent years, focused on understanding the impact of poverty and homelessness on children. In this article, I got a chance to share some of my thoughts and concerns with Dr. Erika Thompson, whose special focus is in maternal and child health.

COVID-19 significantly challenges children and families, by Sally Crocker

A high number of Americans – about to 40 to 59 percent – live financially close to the edge, with few resources available for emergency backup.

Just one rough patch has the ability to throw families off their feet, impacting their ability to make the rent, buy groceries, pay bills, access needed healthcare services and see their way through a crisis.

“For many in our community, COVID-19 is proving to be that factor,” said Erika Thompson, PhD, HSC Assistant Professor and Maternal and Child Health MPH Program Director. “In a time like this, as with other serious impacts on health, those most vulnerable tend to be the most seriously affected populations in the community, making it especially concerning for children and families during this pandemic.”

As a researcher, Dr. Thompson works to find public health solutions to some of the most pressing challenges facing children and families. One of the local organizations she partners with is Center for Transforming Lives (CTL), a Tarrant County agency providing homeless services, early childhood development, childcare, economic stability programs and other resources to those in need.

Dr. Thompson and CTL’s Executive Director, Carol Klocek, recently discussed some of the biggest community concerns right now.

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