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Real Families: Real Solutions

Education is the front line for homeless children. Truly. You know this because you support our work of educating young children, but most people think of homeless shelters as the place to go for help. But homeless shelters don’t specialize in care for children – they specialize in care for adults and the numbers are overwhelming. As child and family homelessness grows in the U.S., more homeless providers will need to respond to the increasing needs of children and families, especially if they want to stop the cycle.

SchoolHouse Connection is a national organization that is working to overcome homelessness through education. They reached out to us recently with a request for an article that would help other homeless service providers learn more about how to better respond to the needs of young children and their families. You can click here to reach that post.

As a supporter of our work, I want to impress upon you that our ability to lead the way in interventions with children and families, including influencing the national conversation on family homelessness, is only possible because of your generosity. Public funds don’t come close to covering our costs and we can do our work only because of private support and engagement from people like you.

Take a few minutes. Read the post. Let me know what you think.

Yours in transformation,