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Not long ago, Rebecca was living in a local homeless shelter. She was unable to look for work because she did not have child care for Destiny, 3, and Lextin, 16 months. To get out of the shelter she needed a job, but her children needed full-time care.

The future looked bleak.

Fortunately, she met Sarah, a Family Advocate from the Center for Transforming Lives. Sarah helped Destiny and Lextin enroll at the Center’s Rosie K. Mauk Child Development Center. Rebecca was relieved. Her children would not only have a safe place to stay during the day while she worked, they would also receive free high-quality early childhood education.

But Sarah was far from finished helping Rebecca. First, she helped get her on waiting lists for a home. It’s important to Rebecca to provide a stable environment for her children, and having her own apartment is essential for that. Second, Sarah helped Rebecca enroll in GED classes. Third, Sarah connected baby Lextin to specialized physicians and Destiny to behavior specialists, helping both children overcome developmental challenges resulting from the chronic stress of homelessness.

Rebecca now has a full-time job and healthier kids. Soon her family will be in a stable home. Most importantly, Rebecca now has hope. Hope that her family’s lives are changing for the better, forever. Hope that her children will never have to be homeless again. It’s a realistic hope, thanks to you. You make this hope a reality with your support of the Center for Transforming Lives. Rebecca says, “Thank you for helping me get back on my feet so I can take care of my family!”