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Jennifer Miller

Jennifer Miller, LMSW, Transitional Housing Clinical Therapist

“My goal as a therapist is to walk with each person to and beyond the point where they feel empowered. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, feel confident in their abilities, and be aware of their value.”

ACCREDITATIONS: Licensed Master of Social Work; Certified Financial Social Worker


Jennifer Miller is a Licensed Master of Social Work. She graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Liberty University and with her Master of Social Work – Advanced Generalist from the Arizona State University. Jennifer specializes in working with adult survivors of childhood trauma, although she has had the honor of working with multiple generations of these survivors to include children, adults, and geriatrics.

Jennifer strongly believes that therapy should be a collaboration. The therapist and participant are teammates working toward the goals of the participant. You are the expert in your own life; therefore, Jennifer’s approach to therapy is to limit going into sessions with her own agenda and remaining open to processing the things that matter to you. When you share your expertise, your therapist can walk with you and support you on your path to healing.

In Jennifer’s free time she enjoys spending quality time with family, being transported to fun places by listening to audiobooks, and cooking Cajun and Creole cuisine.