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Low-income mothers face a horrible catch-22. Mom cannot work without childcare, but she can’t afford childcare unless she’s working. Thanks to supporters like you, hundreds of families receive the care and education they need at the Center for Transforming Lives, so they can turn their lives around.

Shicoviya, a single mother with three children, struggled until she came to the Center for Transforming Lives. She hasn't been able to maintain a full-time job and care for her two preschool-aged children.

She enrolled both in Early Head Start programs at the Center for Transforming Lives and, today, both young children are growing, learning and transforming at our Rosie K Mauk Child Development Center - and mom is too! Shicoviya was partnered with one of our family advocates, who ensured the family had its basic needs met: housing, food, clothing and medical care. She and Shicoviya spoke often about her dream of going to school and finding a better job. Shicoviya's family advocate helped her find job openings, connected her with a financial coach to repair her credit, and encouraged Shicoviya to keep growing! With her Family Advocate’s support, Shicoviya started a new, better-paying job with great benefits.

But Shicoviya kept dreaming. She really wanted to be a caregiver for patients with dementia. She knew becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant would help her career and her family, but she couldn’t afford the tuition or books. Fortunately, Shicoviya got a bit more help with her dream. Thanks to a generous donor, like you, Shicoviya's tuition, books, supplies and state exam fees were paid in full. She is enrolled at Tarrant County College and will finish her certification program in March. Her dream is finally coming true!

With the support she has received through the Center for Transforming Lives combined with her own determination, Shicoviya is on the right path to fulfilling her next dream – becoming a nurse.